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Summer Internships- Overview

Wycliffe has both domestic and international internships.  

International Internships-"Discovery"


Discover your call! Expose myths about overseas missions and experience translation work in progress on one of our Discovery trips! As you use your skills and interests to serve others you'll discover the spiritual and physical challenges of overseas missions - and you'll start to see how you could be a part of it all! Whether you're interested in translation work, literacy, or want to explore another area of service, there's a Discovery Internship for you! Discovery teams have served in Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Peru, Kenya, Mali, Mexico, Mozambique, Solomon Islands and Uganda. Must be between 21 - 35 years of age.



The following are our 2015 trips

Benin West Africa

Semester Internship

Papua New Guinea

Communications Custom Internship

Individual Discovery Trip

South East Asia

F. A. Q.

Talk to us: email: discovery_usa@wycliffe.org
or call: 714-907-1167
Discovery has two tracks:
Bible Translation/Linguistics
If you're interested in translation, literacy or Scripture engagement, you'll typically spend about half your time with a translation team. It may be in a village, town or city. You'll observe their work and participate in daily life. You'll work with a mother-tongue language helper to learn some basic conversation.

Hands-On Work/Support Role
If you have other interests, you can get hands-on mission experience in your area of expertise. You'll spend most of your time working in a support role that puts your skills to good use (e.g., computers, education, media, accounting, construction). You'll also have an opportunity to see translation work in progress and do some language learning. You'll be matched with an assignment designed to use your skills and help you discover how your gifts and abilities can further the work of Bible translation.
Do you need college credit for a Discovery internship? 
Check this out!




U.S. Based Summer Internships

Experience Purpose! Explore some
of the ways you can contribute to Bible translation with a summer internship right here in the U.S.
This program gives you the opportunity to use your skills and interests in a real job setting. Mentoring relationships, leadership development opportunities, and community living make this an ideal environment for discovering your place in something bigger than yourself. Positions are available in Orlando, Florida; Waxhaw, North Carolina; Dallas, Texas and Washington D.C. Must be between 18 - 23 years of age. (special accommodations possible)
For ages 18 to 23
2015 program dates: Coming soon
All US Internships are $3,200 for the 10 week summer program

Locations: Orlando, FL; Waxhaw, NC; Dallas, TX; and Washington D.C.

Your first week will be TIU - an introduction to linguistics, and overview of Wycliffe Bible Translators.
Check out: TOTAL It Up!
Want to talk to someone? email: scott_harmon@wycliffe.org
or call: 407-852-3712


This applies to both International Discovery internships and Domestic, US Internships

Deadlines & Early Bird Specials*

    * Applications received by December 31st: FREE *Application fee waived

    * Applications received in January -Application fee only $20

    * Applications received in February -Application fee is $50

    *Applications received after Febuary 28th are considered late: $100 fee applies

    *Final application deadline: March 8th (some trips/internships reserve the right to receive applications after the final deadline. Call to find out if there is an extended deadline.)

    *($100 application fee applies to custom Discovery individual trips year round)

    *Full application includes our receipt of the application, 3 references, application fee (if applicable), and passport copy (photo page).  Application fee is in addition to the trip cost.

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